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Here in the gallery are illustrations, photographs and document scans of the Johnston family (subject to copyright).

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Alexander Main (1837-1913)   Left to Right: Annie Benzie Davidson  (born 1904), Isabella Davidson (nee Johnston) born 1880, Mary Johnston (seated) born 1874 & Annie Swanton (unknown).   Back Row: Jessie Johnston (1900-1987) & Dorothy Johnston (1891-1984). Front Row: Rhona Catherine Johnston (1941-1999), Edna Jean Johnston (born 1944) & Freda Johnston (nee Adams).
Adrian J R Newton 1967   Annie Benzie Johnston memorial card   Ann Johnston (nee Benzie) 1836-1910 & Ronald Charles Johnston 1909-1983
Annie Benzie Johnston (1893-1904)   Annie Benzie Johnston (1893-1904)   Dorothy Johnston (1891-1984) & Annie Benzie Johnston (1893-1904)
Catherine Forster Newton (nee Johnston) 1906-2001, Confirmation Day   Catherine Forster Johnston marriage to William Renshaw Newton, 1932, Berwick   Dorothy Johnston (1891-1984)
Edward John Johnston (1903-1910)   Dorothy Mae Newton (1934-1969)   Edna Jean Johnston (born 1944) & Rhona Catherine Johnston (1941-1999)
Edward (Eddie) John Johnston (1903-1910)   Isabella Davidson (nee Johnston) 1880 to after 1969 married George Davidson in Berwick 1903   Edward John Johnston (1903-1910)
Ethel Victoria Johnston Memorial Card   Glanton from the Hill (c1910)   Glanton School (c1908/09)
Grave at St Cyrus, Alexander Johnston family   Grave at St Cyrus, William Johnston (1857-1906), his wife Jane Smith (1856-1920) and 3 sons   Holy Cottage in Glanton, Northumberland
Ronald Charles Johnston (1909-1983)   Jane Eleanor Johnston (1863-1929)   Marjorie Martin Renshaw Newton (born 1937)
Mary Hald (nee Johnston) 1870-after 1901 & husband James Bald, c1870-after 1901   Tweedmouth Cemetery, John Benzie Johnston (1863-1929) & Jane Eleanor Johnston, nee Main (1863-1929)   The Nether Kirkyard by the beach, St Cyrus, Kircardineshire
The Old Johnston Croft at East Bowstrips, St Cyrus, Kircardineshire   The Red Lion at Glanton (now flats), home of John Benzie Johnston   The Nether Kirkyard by the beach, St Cyrus, Kircardineshire
1816 Marriage entry from the Register at Cape Town, John Johnston & Philadelphia Hodges   The Castle & Barracks, Cape Town   Ann Benzie Davidson (born 1904), William Johnston (1838-1922) & Isabella Davidson (nee Johnston) 1880 - after 1904
Tweedmouth Cemetery, William Johnston (1838-1922), Ann Johnston (nee Benzie) 1836-1910, Charles Johnston (1878-1879) & Philadelphia Johnston (1877-1882)   Roadside St Cyrus 1868   Bowstripes St Cyrus 1868
The Johnstons of Glanton, c1910   Andrew John Renshaw Newton